The Coptic Church of Alexandria - 5 Interesting Facts

Updated: May 30

The Coptic Church of Alexandria is also commonly referred to as the Coptic Orthodox Church or simply the Coptic Church. The Coptic Church of Alexandria got the name Alexandria since that's the first place it was established by St. Mark the Evangelist.

This article will focus on a series of historical and modern facts about the Coptic Church of Alexandria. To start us off, a similarity between the Coptic Church and the Catholic Church is that they both have a pope. If you have an interest in learning more about the church, you're in the right place to satisfy your curiosity.

1. Coptic Christian Numbers

Finding the exact number of Coptic Christians in Egypt has been difficult. This has been caused by differing numbers between the church and the Egyptian government. However, the number is estimated to be 12% of the entire country's population. In the Middle East, a predominantly Muslim region, the majority Christian population is the Egyptian Copts.

There are Coptic Christians in the diaspora; however, there aren't as many. They can be found in Africa, North America, Europe, and Australia. There are about 1 million Coptic Christians in these areas. The United States accounts for about 300,000 of them.

2. Origin of the Coptic Name

The name 'Copts' was used to refer to the Christians in Egypt. This was after Egypt was conquered by the Arabs. The name Coptic is derived from a Greek word that means 'Egyptian'. Initially, this name was given because they spoke an ancient form of Egyptian. As much as the Coptic Church was initially established in Alexandria, and this remains its Symbolic headquarters, it is currently based in St Mark's Cathedral, located in Cairo.

3. The Council of Nicaea

This council was first established to find common ground concerning differing religious opinions. The theological dispute was about Christ's nature. This was in 325 AD and was started by a man named Arius. Not until the fourth council of Nicaea was the Coptic Church separated from the other churches.

4. The Persecution of Coptic Christians

Unfortunately, the persecution of Coptic Christians dates back to the fourth century. This was when the Coptic church decided to split from the other churches. Monasteries and churches were destroyed by Persians when they took over Egypt. Arabs later replaced the Persians, and the dominant religion switched from Christianity to Islam. In the modern world, there have been attacks on Coptic Christians by extremists.

5. Global Coptic Day

Nader Anise, the Co-founder of the Global Coptic day, presented the idea to the pope, who was highly receptive. Being one of the World's Oldest Christian churches, the Coptic Orthodox Church has a rich history. The Global Coptic day is meant to recognize and celebrate various aspects of the church. This includes the centuries of martyrdom and persecution, the Church hymns, and establishing Monasticism.

In the same way, the Global Coptic day is meant to create awareness about the church's heritage, we aimed to enlighten you on the different facts about the Coptic Orthodox church. At Coptic Meet we believe that knowledge is power. We seek to create an interactive community of Coptic Christians through our App. You never know, your partner may be on the other end of the Coptic Meet App!

Coptic Church of Alexandria

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