About Coptic Orthodox Past & Present (FAQ'S)

Updated: Apr 28

What's Coptic Orthodox?

Coptic is a traditional term for native Egyptians.

Is Coptic Orthodox Christian?

The Coptic Orthodox Church is the main Christian Church in Egypt.

How many Coptic Orthodox in the world?

There are approximately 30 million Coptic Orthodox Christians in the world.

What bible do Coptic Orthodox use - Which bible do Coptic Orthodox use?

Coptic Orthodox Christians use the New King James Version bible.

What calendar do Coptic Orthodox use?

The Coptic calendar, AKA the Alexandrian Calendar.

Do Coptic Orthodox eat pork?

Yes, if they choose to do so.

Do Coptic Orthodox celebrate Christmas?

Yes, on January 7 due to the differences in calendars. The Coptic month leading to Christmas is called Kiahk.

Do Coptic Orthodox celebrate Christmas - When do Coptic Orthodox celebrate Christmas?

Through singing special praises on Saturday nights before the Sunday Service. For the 43 days before Christmas, from November 25th to January 6th, Coptic Orthodox Christians have a special fast and eat a vegan diet.

What is Coptic Orthodox Christmas?

On Coptic Christmas Eve, January 6th, Coptic Orthodox Christians attend a special liturgy or church service. The service normally begins around 10 PM and concludes at midnight.

After the Christmas service, Coptic Christians return home to end their fast with a Christmas feast. The dishes include beef, chicken, dairy, and other foods that were not eaten during the Advent fast. On Christmas Day, Coptic Christians come together for parties and festivities.

When is the Coptic Orthodox Easter 2020 - When is Coptic Orthodox Easter

Sunday, April 19.

How long is a Coptic Orthodox wedding ceremony?

Approximately 45 minutes.

Are Coptic Orthodox catholic - Is Coptic Orthodox catholic

No, the Coptic Catholic Church is in full communion with the Pope in Rome, while the Coptic Orthodox Church is in full communion with the Pope of Alexandria.

How to pray Coptic Orthodox?

Pray with attention, humility, and patience straight to God’s ear

Pray with with repentance and purity from the depths of your heart

Pray with complete faith and trust in God

What is a Coptic Orthodox archbishop?

The Coptic Orthodox archbishop is the chief bishop responsible for an archdiocese.

Are Greek Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox the same

The Orthodox Church is one of the three main Christian groups, which include Roman Catholic and Protestant. The Orthodox tradition is followed by approximately 200 million individuals.

Each Church contains its own geographical designation which reflects the believer’s cultural traditions.

What is Coptic Orthodox Catholic?

Most Copts belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, while an estimated 800,000 are split amongst the Coptic Catholic and various Coptic Protestant churches.

The Coptic Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic church in full communion with the Catholic Church.

What is Egyptian Coptic Orthodox?

Egypt’s Copts are the leading Christian community in the Middle East.

The Coptic church began in Alexandria by St. Mark the Evangelist circa AD 49, at the time of Roman emperor Claudius reign.

What's Coptic Orthodox - Who are Coptic Orthodox?

The Copts created Christian monasticism.

The Copts were persecuted by means of the Byzantine Empire prior to the Islamic invasion of Egypt, which generated persecution by Muslims.

How to convert to Coptic Orthodox?

Baptism. We are reborn through the immersion in water three times in the name of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Three oils of Apocalypse oil, Ghaliloun, and Chrism are used. A red ribbon is placed around the baptized and a special crown positioned atop their head.

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