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Preventing Sexual Harassment on Coptic Meet

At Coptic Meet, we’re committed to sustaining a safe place for our Orthodox community to put themselves out there and create new connections. That includes keeping sexual harassment off our app, so users can keep swiping safely and respectfully.

Listed below are what Coptic Meet sees as sexual harassment. The following isn’t allowed and will get you kicked off the app.

Beginning a Conversation with Sexual Content

It is in opposition to Coptic Meet’s guidelines to start a conversation with sexual solicitations, sexual jokes, sexual innuendos (including emojis), vulgar GIFs, or sexual comments. These comments are disrespectful, offensive, and make users uncomfortable.

Sending Unwelcomed and Explicit Sexual Advances

It is unacceptable to send unsolicited sexually explicit messages to users. This includes unwanted sexual comments about someone’s body, clothing, or appearance, questions regarding someone’s sexual history, sexual jokes, and requests for nude photos.

Never assume that a match will want to engage with you in this manner.

Sending Unsolicited Vulgar Images

Messaging someone on Coptic Meet with suggestive photos of your body is not permitted.

Sending a match unsolicited, vulgar images of genitalia (clothed or not) on or off of our app will automatically get you banned from Coptic Meet. Sending unwanted photos like this to a match is a significant violation of their boundaries.

If you don’t follow these guidelines, you’ll receive a warning from Coptic Meet’s support team or be removed from the platform. Swipe, match, and message respectfully to be part of the Coptic Meet community.

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