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Updated: Apr 28

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This post seeks to address a very important issue, therefore, your undivided attention is needed as you follow through the lines. If you have noticed, the discussions about Coptic Orthodox dating have now graduated beyond whether it is possible or permissible. Although the church has shown that she is not interested in addressing it headlong, many Coptic Orthodox Christians are becoming more accommodating of the idea.

With the current stance on dating by the Coptic Church, technological trends have also come into the equation and now, there are online dating platforms for Coptic Orthodox Christians. Yes, you read that right. The name is Coptic Meet. Thankfully, this application is not like Tinder and other popular online dating platforms.

You see, Coptic Orthodox Christians are heavily misconstrued and marginalized in many parts of the world, and if you dwell on it for a minute, you would see that for a church that encourages marriage between her members, there is no better platform or tool to create and help them foster connections than the internet (pun intended). Creating online dating platforms and apps for Coptic Christians should be deliberate. It is like trying to swim in the direction of the waves at sea; such a smooth sail. Come to think of it, the church wants purity to be at the center of any growing adult relationship but it is also important for people to know themselves without pushing beyond some boundaries. The internet provides an adequate platform for this to happen, don’t you think? As we know, it can be abused or misused. So, what should Coptic online dating look like?


The mobile application Coptic Meet, for instance, is a growing platform for Coptic Orthodox online dating. On this platform, prospective partners are allowed time to find someone they think is compatible with them. Eventually, as they know each other, the person may turn out to be the right one but being online allows both of them to reach their decision without any hint of pressure from friends, parents or family. When someone is not pressured into choosing a partner, it becomes really easy to love, forgive, and above all else, live a life of devotion and faith.

The truth is online dating should be encouraged amongst Coptic Orthodox Christians but this should be on platforms where the tenets of the faith are established and the intention is to help people grow their faith and find their right partners.


As with online dating or physical dating, some important points should serve as a guide when dating the Coptic Orthodox way.

Coptic Orthodox online dating should be done with a focus on the spiritual growth of each person involved. Dating as a Coptic Christian cannot be a casual exercise for both parties. The intent of both persons involved should be to enjoy the process of finding someone who will walk and grow with you in a loving, emotional, and spiritual basis as both partners course through life.

Online dating is not without its challenges and for a Coptic Christian, there are even more challenges that you would have to surmount but despite these challenges, there are sufficient boundaries that can help stay clear of some potential pitfalls that may defeat the very purpose of dating.

Coptic Orthodox Dating App

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