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Protect your phone and the environment with our eco-friendly Biodegradable Phone Case. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, this case offers stylish and sustainable protection while reducing your environmental footprint. Say goodbye to waste and embrace a greener lifestyle.


Did you know that your phone can pose potential dangers? Imagine harnessing the power of excess onions, carrots, pepper, rice, soybeans, and wheat from your kitchen to shield your phone from harm. With our innovative approach, we repurpose these excess foods to create a biodegradable phone case that not only provides excellent protection but also adds value to your purchase.


The thickness of our biodegradable phone case effortlessly safeguards your device against dings and dents, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its anti-shock properties offer added peace of mind, shielding your phone from accidental bumps and scratches. You can trust that your phone is well-protected without compromising on sustainability.


Designed to leave zero waste behind, our biodegradable phone case is made up of a thoughtful blend of components, including soil (30%), onions (7.5%), carrots (7.5%), pepper (7.5%), sawdust (1.5%), rice (18%), soybeans (18%), and wheat (10%). This unique combination not only contributes to the case's biodegradability but also showcases our commitment to utilizing renewable resources.


As an added benefit, our biodegradable phone case decomposes naturally in approximately one year, leaving behind no harmful residues. It is packaged in a degradable and protective CPE 07 bag and shipped in a recyclable carton box, further minimizing its environmental impact.


Make the conscious choice to enjoy your phone without compromising the planet. Choose our Biodegradable Phone Case by Coptic Meet and embrace sustainable phone protection that aligns with your eco-conscious values. Together, let's reduce waste and create a cleaner, greener future.

Environmentally-Friendly Biodegradable Phone Case - Protect Your Phone

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